Mine Exploring

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a slate miner in Victorian times? Then join us exploring this hidden world of tunnels and chambers and discover a whole new world.

Bach Ventures Mine Exploration

Luckily we use modern climbing harness and helmets and even have torches rather than travelling by candlelight.

Bach Ventures Mine Exploration
Nearly there now

Back into the sunshine, now how do we get down again

How fit do you need to be
All the mines we use are a good 30 minute walk up to their location in the mountains, this is on small tracks or paths often created by the miners many years ago.

Once in the mine you will explore on multiple levels in the mine, ascending from one level to another in a variety of ways (walking up skree slops or simple climbs protected by ropes).

On completion of your journey you will be a lot higher than you started, your descent will roughly take an hour again on the old mine inclines and paths.

What do you need to wear/bring
Clothing for normal outdoor adventures/walking is fine, you won’t get wet but the mine is obviously dusty so a set of old waterproofs will keep your own clothing clean.

The temperature underground is usually around 8-9c so it is best to have a fleece or hoodie to keep you warm. Wellies are the best footwear to use providing the best grip in those occasional wet / damp tunnels.

We provide you with a climbing harness and helmet with a head torch.

You will be underground for around 3 hours so best to bring some lunch / drinks or snacks to keep you going and yes we might treat you to lunch by candle light!

Where do you meet us?
Preferably we meet at our centre just outside of Waunfawr near Caernarfon where we can kit you out however we can arrange to meet you closer to the mines we use (Tanygrisiau or Betws y Coed and then follow us to the mines.)



Snowdonia, Anglesey and North Wales