BC Personal Performance Awards

We offer 3 of the BC Personal Performance Award disciplines available;
Sea Kayak Award
Touring Award
White Water Award
These awards are designed to develop your skills and ability to apply appropriate decision making for an enjoyable and safe day out on the sea/river/estuary.

Sea Kayak Award
The Sea Kayak Award focuses on your paddling and decision making skills for a safe and enjoyable day out on the sea in winds up to force 3 and/or tides up to 1 knots, using sea kayaks or sit on tops in tidal or nontidal environments.
Effective forward paddling, negotiating confined spaces and maintaining and changing direction are all part of the award as well as developing an
understanding of the surroundings and environment we use.

Touring Award
The Touring Award explores your ability to apply your choices to an enjoyable day on a river or estuary and looking at the factors which affect
our decisions on where and when to go out on the water.
This award will progress your launching skills, forwarding paddling and journeying, as well as developing a deeper understanding of environmental factors.W

White Water Award
The White Water Award will give you the ability to apply your choices to a successful day on rivers of up to Grade 2, supporting you in the understanding and use of the fundamentals in white water paddling.
Learning how to cross a flow, changing and maintaining direction, running the river, as well as looking at the factors which affect our decisions
on where and when to go out paddling.

We run these courses over a 2 day period. Courses run on request.

Snowdonia, Anglesey and North Wales