Adventure Days

Are you looking for a challenge? Trying to organise something different from the norm for your family or friends or struggling to organise your friends Stag or Hen party?

Then why not join us on one of our adventure activities.

We offer Gorge Scrambling, Coasteering and Sea Level Traversing.

All brilliant activities exploring either hidden gorges in Snowdonia or the stunning coastline of Anglesey.

Costs: from £45 per person for main activity, this can be extended to full day £70 pp. 10% discount for group of 10+

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Gorge ScramblingGorge Scrambling with Bach Ventures

Working together we make our way up the gorge, rock hoping, traversing around pools or sometimes going straight through them!

The gorge is divided into a number of levels split by waterfalls and pools each providing its own challenge.

The “Elephants Bum”, the “Narrows”, and the “Washing machine” to name but a few of the enticing challenges that you will meet.

A great activity for all ages and sizes!

Coasteering with Bach VenturesCoasteering

This activity is spent as much in the sea as on the rocks just above it.

We traverse along the coastline only a few feet above the sea encountering a number of challenges on the way. We continue until we either fall in or just jump in an continue by swimming.

A great way to see the coastline and its wildlife from a different view point!

Sea Level TraversingBach Ventures Sea Level Traversing

We traverse along the shoreline just above the waves however this time if we encounter gaps we can’t jump across we make use of Tyrolean traverses to continue our journey.

Getting wet is always an option but here we try to restrict that to nearer the end of your session.

If this has whetted your appetite then give as a call or email to chat through your options.