Kayaking in North Wales

North Wales has something for everyone, from exploring stunning lakes or experiencing your first river rapids to challenges like the famous Fairy Glen and of course we haven’t even mentioned sea kayaking with the exciting coastline of Anglesey and North Wales down to the Lleyn Peninsular.

We run both introductory and skill improver courses for both kayaking and sea kayaking for wishing to experience these wonderful sports. But for the rest just to find out what’s about check out the Welsh River Guide or WelshSeakayaking for more information.

Remember the following Welsh Waterside Code and enjoy what we believe is one of the best areas for paddle sports in the UK.

  • Respect other people – Please respect the local community and other people using the outdoors. Remember that your actions can affect people’s lives and livelihoods.
  • Protect the natural environment – The natural environment is sensitive to pollution, damage and disturbance. You should always try and leave no trace of your visit.
  • Enjoy the outdoors safely – Rivers, lakes and estuaries can be unpredictable and dangerous. Find out as much as you can about where you are going and plan ahead.

Kayak courses in North WalesRivers
Keep an eye out for anglers. If you see someone fishing, think about how you can best pass them with the least disturbance. Whenever possible,

stop upstream and attract the angler’s attention before passing. If they have a line in the water, wait for a signal to proceed and then follow any

route indicated if safe and practicable to do so. An angler should point to the side they wish you to pass by on. Anglers wading in the water may

want you to paddle behind them.


If anglers are present, keep a safe distance to avoid interfering with their activity.

Consider other water users and how you may avoid them.

Guided sea kayak trips with Bach VenturesSea
Our coastline provides valuable habitat for nesting birds / seals and other wildlife.

Take extra care to avoid causing damage or disturbance and follow the guidance in the WCA’s Sea Kayaking Guide to Good Environmental Practice.

Snowdonia, Anglesey and North Wales